Missing Persons Commission report to SC reveals 2,302 pending cases

Missing Persons Commission report to SC reveals 2,302 pending cases


Commission has disposed of 7,868 cases until April 1

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - The Missing Persons Commission has submitted its monthly progress report to the Supreme Court, revealing significant strides in addressing cases of disappearances across the country.

The report sheds light on the commendable efforts undertaken by the commission during the month of March 2024.

According to the report, the commission successfully disposed of 33 cases during the month, marking a crucial step forward in its mission. Among these cases, an impressive 27 missing persons were traced, and 18 missing individuals were recovered, providing much-needed relief to their families and loved ones.

Moreover, the report highlighted that while six cases were resolved as non-enforced disappearances, further bolstering the commission's resolve to seek justice and accountability.

The report disclosed that eight of the traced individuals were detained in various jails, one person was reportedly located in a detention center.

Despite the progress made, the report also brought to light the grim reality of ongoing challenges, as 18 new cases of enforced disappearance were received by the commission in March alone.

This serves as a stark reminder of the persistent issues plaguing the nation and the imperative need for continued vigilance and action.

The report highlighted the staggering backlog of cases, with a total of 2,302 missing persons cases still pending before the commission. 

The report revealed that the commission has received a total of 10,185 cases as of April 1, despite the daunting workload, the commission has demonstrated its commitment to addressing this pressing issue, having disposed of 7,868 cases until April 1.