It is Easter today, as Shehbaz calls for a tolerant and cohesive society

It is Easter today, as Shehbaz calls for a tolerant and cohesive society


Special gatherings at held churches across the world including Pakistan

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LAHORE/VATICAN CITY (Dunya News/Web Desk) – The Christians around the world, including Pakistan, are celebrating Easter today (Sunday) with special gatherings held in churches and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressing his resolve to work for social uplift and integration of all minorities in the country.

In his message, the prime minister extended greetings to the Christian community and said, “Easter is an occasion to reinforce and reflect on the values of love, tolerance and forgiveness as espoused by Prophet Isa (AS) and is a reminder to emulate these in our daily lives to bring harmony and peace in today’s strife and conflict-ridden world.”

He highlighted and lauded the contributions of the Christian community in struggle for the creation of Pakistan and its socio-economic development.

In this connection, Shehbaz added, “While we celebrate diversity of faiths as a source of strength and enrichment in our nation, let us join hands towards building a society that is tolerant and cohesive and together defeat the forces of discord that are trying to cause harm to the fabric of our society.


It started with people gathering at churches across Pakistan as prayed for humanity and the country’s prosperity, as the Christian community members extended greetings to their families and friends.

They mentioned that the constitution granted equal status to all the minorities in Pakistan and called for spreading the message of love, peace and sacrifice as propagated by Prophet Isa (AS).


Earlier on Saturday, Pope Francis in Vatican City soldiered through a more than two-hour Easter Vigil Mass in St Peter's Basilica, one of the longest services in Catholic liturgy, amid renewed concerns about the 87-year-old's frail condition.

Holy Week consists of several solemn ceremonies leading to Easter on Sunday, the most important festivity in the Christian calendar, celebrating the day in which the faithful believe Jesus rose from the dead.

Saturday's evening service, held in Christendom's largest church, started in near total darkness before lights were turned on, signifying the passage from darkness to light when the Bible says Jesus rose from the dead.

It was attended by about 6,000 people, the Vatican said.

In his homily, recalling that the stone sealing Jesus' tomb was rolled back as he was resurrected, Francis urged Christians to keep their faith even when weighed down by sorrow, fear or other adversities.

He mentioned, among other things, "the rubber walls of selfishness and indifference that hold us back in the effort to build more just and humane cities and societies," as well as "all our aspirations for peace that are shattered by cruel hatred and the brutality of war."

Francis is set to conclude Easter celebrations on Sunday with Mass in St Peter's Square and his twice-annual "Urbi et Orbi" (to the city and the world) blessing and message from the central balcony of St Peter's Basilica.