World Meteorological Day marked

World Meteorological Day marked


World Meteorological Day marked

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ISLAMABAD (APP) – The World Meteorological Day was observed worldwide, including in Pakistan, on March 23 (Saturday), emphasising the urgent need to address the undeniable threats of climate change to human civilisation as a whole.

The theme for the day was “At the Frontline of Climate Action,” highlighting the immediate necessity of combating climate change and its impacts. Various events such as conferences, symposia, and exhibitions were organized for meteorological professionals, community leaders and the general public.

World Meteorological Day is commemorated annually on March 23, marking the entry into force of the Convention establishing the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on March 23, 1950.

The WMO plays a crucial role in ensuring people's safety and welfare. Without the data collected by the WMO, it would be impossible to generate accurate daily weather forecasts.

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 13 commits states to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.” Progress in this goal is fundamental to progress in all other SDGs.

Weather and climate predictions contribute to increasing food production and moving closer to zero hunger. Integrating epidemiology and climate information helps in understanding and managing diseases sensitive to climate.

Early-warning systems help reduce poverty by enabling people to prepare for and mitigate the impact of extreme weather events.

The WMO, its members, and its partners drive the entire value cycle, from scientific research to providing services and taking action for the betterment of society. It advances knowledge of the Earth's system, monitors the state of the climate and water resources, provides scientific information to inform reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and delivers climate services and early warnings to support climate adaptation efforts.