Pakistan condemns India's discriminatory citizenship act

Pakistan condemns India's discriminatory citizenship act


FO highlights escalating wave of Hindutva under BJP government led by Modi

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Pakistan expressed strong objection on Thursday to India's implementation of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act.

"The legislation and relevant rules are evidently discriminatory, as they differentiate among people based on their faith," Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said.

During the weekly news briefing, the spokesperson asserted that the regulations are built on a false assumption that minorities face persecution in Muslim-majority countries in the region and that India is a safe haven for them.

Baloch highlighted the escalating wave of Hindutva under the BJP government, leading to the rapid political, economic and social marginalisation of Muslims and other minorities in India. She underscored that these discriminatory measures further expose India's agenda to transform into a Hindu Rashtra.

The spokesperson advised Indian authorities to halt pre-planned targeting and systematic marginalisation of minorities. She mentioned a recent plea from a group of UN special rapporteurs urging corrective actions to safeguard human rights and address attacks against minorities ahead of India's national elections.

Baloch urged India to take measures to protect its own minorities, especially Muslims, who she described as facing a challenging situation due to the rising Hindutva ideology.

Strongly condemning India's decision to declare the Kashmir National Front illegal in the illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Baloch stated that nine Kashmiri political parties have now been outlawed in IIOJK.

She asserted that these oppressive measures reflect India's intent to suppress dissent and freedom of expression in IIOJK, in complete disregard of international laws.

She called for the immediate lifting of curbs on banned Kashmiri political parties, the release of all political prisoners, and the implementation of UNSC resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir.

Regarding SAARC, the spokesperson informed the media that a meeting of the programming committee was held earlier this month in Kathmandu, Nepal, after a three-year hiatus. She added that the committee reviewed SAARC processes and activities, finalising the budget and calendar of activities for the SAARC Secretariat, specialised bodies and regional centres.

As a founding member, Pakistan reaffirmed its commitment to advancing SAARC's objectives as outlined in its charter, Baloch said, emphasising Pakistan's active role in SAARC processes and activities.

Voicing concerns over ongoing atrocities against Palestinians by Israel, the spokesperson urged the UN Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities in ending the suffering of the Palestinian people.