Pakistan Navy deploys warships in the Arabian Sea

Pakistan Navy deploys warships in the Arabian Sea


Trade routes' security is necessary for peace

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KARACHI (Dunya News) - The Pakistan Navy has deployed maritime security warships in the Arabian Sea.
According to the spokesman, continuous patrolling is going on to ensure the safety of Pakistan's trade routes.

The Pakistan Navy also carries out continuous aerial surveillance of these trade routes.

The spokesperson for the Pakistan Navy says that the purpose of this patrol is to ensure the safety of Pakistani and international trade vessels.

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The spokesman further said that the warships of the Pakistan Navy patrol the Arabian Sea to ensure a permanent presence.

The Pakistan Navy is well aware of its national responsibility to maintain maritime peace in the region.

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Earlier, an International Exercise Barracuda-XII was held at the North Arabian Sea on Thursday, aimed at enhancing capacity and proficiency to combat the menace of pollution at sea.

The Iran-backed militia Houthi, controlling Yemen have been attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea after the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas.

The presence of warships is crucial amid  escalating conflict in the Middle East.