Siraj urges electorate not to vote for landlords

Siraj urges electorate not to vote for landlords


Siraj urges electorate not to vote for landlords

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BAHAWALPUR (Dunya News) – Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq urged the electorate on Saturday not to cast their votes for landlords or others, appealing to them to instead vote in favor of the JI.

Speaking during a women's convention in Bahawalpur, Siraj pledged to uplift the country with the light of the Quran if the JI formed the government.

He urged the electorate to place their trust in Jamaat-e-Islami, adding that if anyone suggested voting for a landlord or someone else, it should be rejected.

Siraj noted that for 76 years, these parties had ruled the country, but they had not implemented the religion of Allah even for a single day.

Siraj questioned what the government was doing for the freedom of the Kashmiris in Indian-held Kashmir.

The JI chief stated that while Israel was spreading death through bombing, the people of Gaza were waiting for support.

Addressing the participants, Siraj remarked, "Perhaps nowhere else have we seen such a gathering of women. They have come together to express solidarity with Muslims in Kashmir and Palestine."