Social media campaign by a political party to defame Pakistan exposed

Social media campaign by a political party to defame Pakistan exposed


Claim was made about supplying arms to Israel while timing the lie with the current Gaza situation

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Another social media campaign to defame Pakistan launched by a political party has been exposed as certain elements are involved in accusing Pakistan of providing arms to Israel.

This social media campaign was launched while keeping their interests in mind at the cost of the country as the political party’s supporters levelled this allegation in connection with the ongoing atrocities committed by Israel targeting the Palestinians in Gaza Strip and West Bank.

And this baseless accusation was promoted by the Indian media by presenting it as a news – a practice followed by India whenever an opportunity is provided by such elements.

The fabricated story was created and spread on social media by claiming that an aircraft transported weapons from Pakistan to Israel. However, there is no truth in it. In fact, even the plane and the said flight had nothing to do with Pakistan.

Actually, the flight was a part of the British efforts to shift the Afghan refugees, again showing how propaganda works in the post-truth world with social media being the main tool for promoting lies and deception.

Earlier, an old video of a dummy fighter jet set ablaze by supporters of the PTI chairman in May 2023 in Mianwali was falsely captioned as showing scenes from a November 2023 attack at an airbase in that city.

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The fact remains that Pakistan has raised its voice for the Palestinians at every forum – including the UN Security Council – by condemning the Israeli aggression in Gaza.

The people of Pakistan have immense love and affection for the Palestinians, with the country already two flights carrying relief and other items to help the brothers facing relentless bombing and siege by Israel.

Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has shared the Pakistan’s unequivocal stance on the issue repeatedly, leaving no room for any doubt or question.