Ahsan Iqbal calls for embracing technology to compete in world

Ahsan Iqbal calls for embracing technology to compete in world


Ex-MNA condemns Israel for committing untold atrocities

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NAROWAL (Dunya News) – Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leader and former MNA Ahsan Iqbal said on Wednesday tanks and arms could not defend a country having weak economy and former Soviet Union was a classic example. 

He was addressing the First National Dr AIlama Iqbal Conference at the University of Narowal. 

He said Israel had committed excesses against the innocent people of Palestine and the images of atrocities in Gaza were heart-rending. However, the US and the west was supporting the oppressors which was unfortunate, he said. 

“This is just because we are inferior to the west and the US in the field of science and technology,” he believed, adding that the Muslim world was lagging behind the west, the US and even India. 

“They are making headway in the field of science and technology but we stand nowhere. None of the Muslim countries has landed on the moon, “he said. 

“The Muslim world has every resource including oil and minerals. The  day we understand the value of knowledge, science and technology, no one will be able to cast an evil eye on us," Iqbal stated. 

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No nation could defend its territory only with the power of arms, he said.