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May 9 violence: Challans in Jinnah House attack, 10 other cases submitted to ATC

May 9 violence: Challans in Jinnah House attack, 10 other cases submitted to ATC


Sources had earlier made clear that rumours about a deal with establishment were baseless

LAHORE (Dunya News/Web Desk) – In a major development, prosecution has submitted challans in 11 different cases, including one concerning the Jinnah House attack, before an anti-terrorism court as the state is going after the planners and executors of the May 9 mayhem.

The PTI chairman, former Punjab governor Umar Sarfraz Cheema, ex-health minister Dr Yasmin Rashid and Khadija Shah are among the persons nominated in these cases which also include targeting Askari Tower and torching a police station at Shadman.

On May 9, the PTI supporters had targeted important government and defence installations after the law enforcers arrested the PTI chairman who is currently imprisoned in Adiala jail – Central Jail Rawalpindi.

Besides Cheema and Dr Rashid, other important PTI leaders – Ejaz Chaudhry, Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed, Shahryar Afridi and others – were detained during a crackdown that followed the May 9 violence.

Earlier this week, Dunya TV had reported that the rumours about a deal between the establishment and the PTI were totally false, as the former ruling party has been trying to extract some concessions after the May 9 fallout.

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Sources said the PTI was trying to give an impression of normalizing the relations with the establishment through a deal with some circles spreading the rumours that those responsible for the May 9 mayhem would get leniency.

Those who orchestrated the May 9 events won’t be forgiven, the sources said in response to what has been reported by some elements on mainstream and social media as well as their statements – directly or indirectly.

Separately, senior Rana Sanaullah had also commented on the matter, saying they were against targeting political parties, but questioned whether any party or leader involved in violence should be spared only because that person was to participate in elections.

“We are against targeting the political parties. But if a party or leader attacks national security, disrespect the martyrs’ statues, then should no case [legal process] be initiated against him because he is to participate in election?” he explained his point of view with obvious reference to the PTI in connection with the May 9 events.