Nawaz left Pakistan with govt permission, it wasn't a jailbreak: Solangi

Nawaz left Pakistan with govt permission, it wasn't a jailbreak: Solangi


Says spreading confusion about elections is some people’s business

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had flown abroad after getting permission from the court and the government, not due to jailbreak, said Murtaza Solangi – the caretaker information minister – who added that he (Nawaz) would be treated according to law and constitution on his return to Pakistan. 

The minister remarked some people were confused on the issue of elections and spreading confusion was a business for some others. The caretaker government had no confusion on the issue of elections, he added

Solangi, who visited the Karachi Press Club, told media persons on Saturday that Nawaz was a three-time prime minister and he had no knowledge of which court the PML-N supremo would move after his return. 

Replying to various questions on the subject, the caretaker information minister said he didn’t want to speculate as it was Nawaz who would have to answer such queries.

As the minister faced a flurry of questions about the elections, he again made it clear that the caretaker setup would give equal opportunities to all the registered political parties for taking part in the electoral process.

Solangi reiterated that the caretaker government would fulfil its constitutional responsibilities and provide all the available resources to the Election Commission for conducting the exercise.


When asked about the rupee appreciation and the fuel prices, Solangi said the incumbent setup had no role in pricing mechanism which was linked to the rates in global markets.

However, he added, that there were enough chances of reduction in petroleum products’ rates due to the gains made by the local currency. People would get some benefit of reduction in the value of the dollar, Solangi said.

The minister noted that power theft burdened other consumers and recovering the amount from them through their monthly system was unjustified – a mechanism which, he said, should be changed.

Solangi said the interim setup was aiming at stabilising the national economy while ensuring that Pakistan didn’t slide towards default and political temperature was cooled down. Legislation wasn’t their prerogative but they would do everything to reduce the current problems, he added.