Govt claims being magnanimous with PTI chief. What does report in SC say?

Govt claims being magnanimous with PTI chief. What does report in SC say?


Attock AD&SJ's report had revealed travails of PTI chief in jail

(Web Desk) - The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief has been granted some facilities in the Attock Jail according to a report submitted by the Attorney General's office to the Supreme Court on Monday.

The report shows that on the PTI chief's request, he is served traditional chicken cooked in desi ghee as well as mutton prepared in the same manner.

It says the prisoner himself pays for these food items. 

The report adds that he has been provided facilities in accordance with the jail manual, rules and law. He is permitted to walk in the corridor outside his cell.

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Additionally, the report negates propaganda regarding the facilities offered to him, stating that he is held in the most secure high observation block, with the adjacent barracks also being emptied.

His cell measures 9x11 feet and is equipped with a whitewashed interior, a fan and a concrete floor. The washroom has a 7x4 feet dimension and a six-foot high wall.

As a better-class prisoner, the PTI chairman is provided with a mattress, an air cooler, four pillows, a table and a chair. He also has access to four copies of the English translation of the Holy Quran and 25 historical books, says the report. 

Furthermore, he enjoys the privilege of a 21-inch television and receives daily newspapers. Staff members are assigned to clean his cell, washroom and clothes.

These details were requested by the Supreme Court to assess the facilities provided to the PTI head in jail.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad High Court is hearing the PTI leader's appeal against his sentence in the Toshakhana criminal case. The court on Monday reserved verdict which it will announce at 11am on Tuesday.