Elections within 90 days mandatory, asserts PPP

Elections within 90 days mandatory, asserts PPP


Elections within 90 days mandatory, asserts PPP


KARACHI (Dunya News) – The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leadership expressed strong desire for the general elections to be held within a 90-day timeframe. They emphasised that extending the electoral timeline beyond this three-month period could lead to a constitutional crisis in the country.

These views were expressed by Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Senator Sherry Rehman while addressing a press conference after the central executive committee meeting of the PPP. Faisal Karim Kundi, CM Murad Ali Shah, Nayyar Bukhari and other party leaders were also present on the occasion.

The meeting covered various issues including inflation, unemployment, electricity and gas bills issues, and the flood situation, said Sherry.



Sherry Rehman said that the controversial census was done, and there was no contradiction in our words and actions before or now. Election delay on the basis of delimitation is wrong, she added.


She said that without any doubt every member has given his opinion that there is no justification for delay of elections. She said that relief should be given to the flood-affected people in Punjab, it is also in the manifesto of the People's Party that every oppressed class has rights.

Sherry said that the caretaker government should not become a 'chairtaker' government. It is not the discretion of the caretaker government to change the constitution. She said that the membership of the party is also being started.

Another meeting of the Central Executive Committee is scheduled to take place in Lahore to discuss future plans, she added.