Sheikh Rashid says public will take right decision at right time

Sheikh Rashid says public will take right decision at right time


Slams govt for action against political opponents

RAWALPINDI (Dunya News) – Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has expressed hope that the people of the country will take the right decision at the right time no matter who is installed as caretaker prime minister. 

Taking to Twitter, the former interior minister said the ruling coalition’s laptop scheme, massive development spending and amendments to empower caretaker prime minister would prove futile as the public would stand for respect. 

He said the development projects would prove insignificant when public is facing skyrocketing inflation and high power tariff. He said the recent increase in electricity prices had added to the woes of people, adding that it would also shut industries. 

The former minister said increasing poverty and violation of law and constitution were enough to sweep away the government of coalition partners.

He said the installation of the caretaker setup of their choice would not save the ruling parties from defeat in the elections. 

“No one can eliminate anyone unless the Higher Power does,” he said while slamming the government for its massive action against political opponents in the past 15 months. He said the police stations were flooded with false cases, adding that the ongoing fascism would end soon and the public would use its right to vote.