A small balloon with PIA inscribed on it spreads panic among Indians

A small balloon with PIA inscribed on it spreads panic among Indians


Search operation launched after item found in Occupied Kashmir

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Despite having hundreds of thousands of troops in Occupied Kashmir, a balloon with the PIA written on it spread panic among the Indians who launched a search operation in the area.

The latest episode of Indian forces lacking courage began when they found the balloon shaped as a PIA plane in mountainous area after which the Indian spy agencies and police got frightened by a simple item which somehow flew across the border.

But it wasn’t limited to just the men in uniform as the Indian media too joined the warmongering exercise displayed too often on their TV screens.

Anyhow the Indians arrested the balloon arrested and started taking pictures as if they had captured some notorious terrorist. Meanwhile, the detained balloon would stay behind the bars in the police station for an indefinite period.

The behavior shown repeatedly by the Indian side is a classic example of narcissism for a country that is not only nuclear power but also spends billions of dollars on defence and maintains a huge military.

It is not for the time that a harmless thing – this time a balloon – triggered war hysteria as they had previously captured and interrogated a spy pigeon.

Meanwhile, it is the sixth incident involving a balloon after the Indians had overpowered similar flying objects in February 2016, March 2021, November 2022, and January and May 2023 as well.