Imran Khan appeals to SC to save democracy post May 9 crackdown on PTI

Imran Khan appeals to SC to save democracy post May 9 crackdown on PTI


The PTI chief requests for judicial inquiry in May 9 events to find culprits and innocents

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on Sunday requested the apex court to play a role for saving democracy amidst crackdown by the incumbent government on PTI.

He said women since May 9 were being treated badly in a way that was not visible in the country’s history adding all this was part of a ‘plan’.

The former PM stressed that women were being oppressed to keep them out of politics adding that would be a great tragedy because they represent half of the Pakistan’s population.

The PTI’s chief highlighted that his party was the only one in which women took part in possession with their families and that was the reason the ruling dispensation was against the PTI.

He said, “An independent judiciary protects fundamental rights and ensures the rule of law which gives rise to real democracy because a free justice system will keep checks on the government powers.”

Talking about his government performance, the PTI’s supremo said he was praised by world leaders referring to former premier Boris Johnson speech at the United Nations – in which the latter praised the Khan’s billions tree tsunami.

Referring to the ongoing PTI exodus, he said the members were quitting the party under duress and they were declared innocent as soon as they leave the party to save their families from the ‘tyranny’ of this regime.

He appealed the Supreme Court to play a role to play for protecting fundamental rights adding if the top court did not make efforts to uphold basic rights, it would be remembered in history negatively.

Mr Khan requested the Supreme Court to intervene and take a suo moto notice to protect the women treated harshly in prisons – who were only doing peaceful protests - claiming that some of them were facing abuse.

The PTI’s chairman demanded a judicial inquiry related to the riots that took place on May 9 adding that those who damaged the Jinnah House should be punished but those who were only doing peaceful protests should be released.

Also, he added there was a mockery of justice in the country mentioning the members who only said they quitting party were freed from all cases faced by them highlighting there was law of jungle in the country.