Rana Sanaullah sees problem in polling on May 14

Rana Sanaullah sees problem in polling on May 14


All parties needed to come together to find solution to the ongoing crisis

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Saturday expressed his concern over the ongoing constitutional crisis if elections are held before October this year.

Talking to reporters after Eidul Fitr prayers in the federal capital, he said all political parties needed to come together to find a solution to the ongoing crisis. "If elections are held on May 14, as some have suggested, no one would accept the results," Sanaullah warned.

He expressed concerns over the damage caused as a result of demands to hold elections after dissolving the assemblies, reminding the public that the constitution states that elections should be held on the same day under a caretaker government.

The PML-N leader condemned opposition leader Imran Khan, accusing him of trying to divide the nation and causing economic crisis through his policies. Called for transparency in the electoral process, he said the government committee would contact the opposition party (PTI) to sit down and talk.

Talking about the judiciary, the interior minister said the stature of the Supreme Court is respected but voices are also being raised from within the court. He said that the law’s implementation was stayed even before it was duly enacted.

Sanaullah said that staying the implementation on the Judicial Reforms Bill is not correct in his view, adding the solution to the constitutional crisis is not with any one party rather all political parties should have to sit together.

The federal minister said that the government doesn't mean the prime minister but the entire cabinet. "The parliament annulled the bill to provide funds for the election. After the bill is rejected, the government has no authority to provide funds worth Rs21 billion."

He said the establishment was not against us [the PML-N] and that the party could win elections 'easily'. 

However, Sanaullah said in line with the SC's orders all political parties should sit at the negotiating table and decide a day for the elections, noting that the government is ready for talks.