Qureshi slams Punjab government's tactics to fail PTI rally

Qureshi slams Punjab government's tactics to fail PTI rally


Qureshi said PDM was worried and Punjab government was biased

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi slammed the Punjab interim government saying it was using tactics to stop workers from attending the Minar-e-Pakistan's "historic" rally.

While talking to media persons on Saturday, Qureshi termed the conduct of the Punjab government as biased and discriminatory. Claiming that the gathering would be historic, PTI central leader said that the provincial government has placed containers on the roads leading to the ground.

The former foreign minister also said that raids on the party workers which were started yesterday showed PDM’s worries. He claimed that 1500 to 1800 workers were arrested. He said that Dr Robina was arrested when she was examining her patients in the clinic.

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Mr Qureshi said that the government was doing it despite the Lahore High Court's permission to hold the rally. The PTI leader urged the Lahorites to reach Minar-e-Pakistan crossing all the obstacles. He also alleged that the district administrations threatened the transporters with severe consequences if they provided transport to carry workers to attend the Lahore rally.

He said that today was a test for the people of Lahore. Despite the obstacles, he urged the people to reach Minar-e-Pakistan. Forbidding his workers to fight, he said, passion was a great weapon that could crush everyone. He said that today the question was if they were [enjoying] freedom? He also said that today the real freedom movement had started. He said that PTI Chairman's address would be important.

Mr Qureshi said that everyone had to join the real freedom movement. We had to defend the constitution of Pakistan, Shah stressed, adding we had to stand by the judiciary, and we had to be the voice of the lawyers. He said that at least 90 bar associations had shown their commitment to supporting Imran Khan's vision. He said the people of Lahore would cross the barriers and come out to attend the historic rally.

The former FM said wherever there was a place to park the car, workers should reach Minar-e-Pakistan on foot. He said that the district administration went back on its word. It seems that the administration is helpless as it is not following the LHC decision. Despite barriers, people would come to Minar-e-Pakistan, he claimed. “When permission has been given for the gathering, why the government created panic by closing roads”, he questioned.

The PTI leader also said that there was no justification for placing shipment containers after the court had granted permission. He asked the police to immediately remove the containers. He said that today's rally was the beginning of Imran Khan's historic rallies ahead of the elections. I have filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding the delay wherein the Chief Justice was requested to listen to our request immediately, he said.