I know nothing about elections' timeline, 'authorities' do: Saad Rafique

I know nothing about elections' timeline, 'authorities' do: Saad Rafique


You first created mess, now you want elections

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique said on Tuesday he did not know when the elections would be held but the "authorities responsible" did.

Talking to the media outside an accountability court, he said without naming anyone, “When you were creating a mess, no one was aware that everyone would have to swallow the bitter pill as you were also a part of it then, but now you say we want elections”. He added that they turned a zero into a hero and later gave such decisions which jolted the state.

He said PTI chief Imran Khan was the key player in weakening the democracy adding Mr Khan was a part of the game aiming at chaining the parliament. “Mr Khan will have to answer it as he is standing before the court of history”, he added.

Mr Rafique and his brother Salman Rafique appeared before the accountability court in the Paragon Housing Scheme scandal case. The court adjourned the hearing until March 22 while seeking a supplementary report.