Court has more options other than terminating NAB amendments: CJP

Court has more options other than terminating NAB amendments: CJP


Court has more options other than terminating NAB amendments: CJP

ISLAMABAD (APP) - Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial on Wednesday remarked that it was not necessary to terminate the amendments in the NAB laws as the court had also more options and it was viewing betterment in laws.

He remarked that our society was suffering from the disease of corruption and there should be a balance between work for public benefits and taking individual advantages.

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial heard the petition of PTI’s chief Imran Khan against the amendments in NAB laws.

The counsel of the federal government Makhdom Ali Khan informed the court that 159 members of the house had voted in favour of NAB amendments.

The chief justice remarked that the question was that whether the attendance of opposition at time of legislation was necessary.

The CJP remarked that the courts were not a forum to resolve political conflicts. Whether it would increase the conflicts if the courts started to take decision on controversial matters.
He further said that there was also a political dispute in this case. The question was that how the court would defend and protect the constitution, he said.

The chief justice said the constitution stood for the nation and it also had to be viewed that to which extend the court could go in this case. The public office holders were also accountable, he said, adding that anti corruption laws were intact since the creation of Pakistan.

The CJP said that we did not have to view the social or political problems, adding that the trust was centre of all matters and doctrine of trust was compulsory for public office.

The judges were also custodian of public trust and accountable, Justice Bandial remarked. He said that the court had trust in the Parliament but the people had confidence on judiciary.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah asked that whether there was any precedent in which a member Parliament had challenged any legislation.

The lawyer said that he did not know about such example in the past where member parliament had challenged the legislation. He said that Imran Khan was not only a member Parliament but also a former prime minister.

He said that the court should also trust the Parliament and politicians.
The further hearing of the case was then adjourned till Thursday January 12.