Will continue to mount pressure on govt till elections: Imran Khan

Will continue to mount pressure on govt till elections: Imran Khan


Will continue to mount pressure on govt till elections: Imran Khan

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on Friday said that his party will continue to mount pressure on the incumbent government till elections.

Speaking to a TV channel – in an interview – ahead of the PTI’s power show, the PTI chief said, “I am making my way to Rawalpindi for the nation’s sake. My nation will make its way to join the PTI power show, merely for me". He highlighted the quality of the Army Chief, saying that no Army Chief could stand against the interest of his own institution.

Lashing out at the incumbent government – rulers and allies – Imran Khan said that they [rulers] made the matter of the Army Chief as ‘controversial’. He questioned, "Can Shehbaz was capable of selecting the Army Chief", Imran added that Shehbaz Sharif  – before becoming premier – was about to be convicted. Berating the PML-N supremo and former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, Imran said that he [Nawaz] is an absconder.

Continuing to take a swipe at the coalition government, the PTI chief said, "For seven months, we were subjected to the torture. If we are against some people, it doesn’t mean that we are opposing – any of the – entire institutions as ‘good and bad people’ exist in every segment. "In the same way, if I remove somebody with a bad reputation from the party, this will pave the way for the party to improve."

Highlighting the significance of meritocracy, the former premier [Imran] said that with the existence of meritocracy, the institutions will be ‘robust’.

–Talks will held only on elections–

Giving his clear-cut views over holding talks with the rulers of the incumbent government, Imran reiterated that talks would only be held over the matter of elections.

–Elections will take place despite opponents’ resistance–

Imran Khan said that whatever tactics his opponents use to delay elections, elections will take place now – not be delayed until after October – adding that whenever the elections will take place, they [rulers and allies of the incumbent government] will merely have to face defeat.

–Everything is going fine with Punjab CM Elahi–

The former premier [Imran] cleared the air about his affiliation with Punjab Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi, saying that everything is fine with CM Elahi.

–Talking about sons’ visit–

Talking about the visit – recently – of his sons to Pakistan, Imran Khan said that he spent quality time with the children. "My children arrived in Pakistan after three years – because of the COVID-19 pandemic. "Even with the cases against me, I was not inclined to invite them to the country," the former premier added.