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District admin, police bar PTI to set up stage for march near Faizabad

District admin, police bar PTI to set up stage for march near Faizabad


District admin, police bar PTI to set up stage for march near Faizabad

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The Rawalpindi administration and the police on Friday barred Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to set up stage for the long march near Faizabad.

The location of the stage for the PTI rally on Murree Road was changed three times, while after allowing the PTI to set up a stage near Faizabad, the Rawalpindi administration once again refused to allow the PTI to set up the stage.

However, it has been directed to the PTI to shift the main stage at the Sixth Road.  

PTI gets conditional permission for Nov 26 rally in Rawalpindi

The deputy commission of Rawalpindi has granted conditional permission to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for holding a power shows against the government in Rawalpindi.

Earlier this month, PTI Chairman Imran Khan halted his party’s “Haqeeqi Azadi march” towards Islamabad until 26 as he aims at putting pressure on the government for fresh elections in the country.

The notification, which lists 56 conditions for holding the rally, said that the PTI is allowed to stage a public gathering in the Faizabad area of Rawalpindi.

The DC said that the Faizabad should be vacated on the night of November 26 as the England team is set to reach Rawalpindi for the three-match Test series against Pakistan.

The Imran Khan-led party has been directed to use the prescribed routes for the rally, while the PTI chief has been barred from using sunroof car before and after the public gathering.

As per the notification, Imran Khan has been asked to use bullet-proof stage while addressing the gathering in Rawalpindi.

It has also barred the PTI workers and supporters from staying in the Allama Iqbal Park.

Saying the jalsa administration will be responsible for any loss of life during the gathering, the notification said that the use of drone cameras will not be allowed.

No Permission for Helicopter Landing

Meanwhile, PTI leader Asad Umar revealed that the administration of Islamabad has not granted permission for the landing of former premier Imran Khan’s helicopter at the Parade Ground on November 26.

Taking to Twitter, he claimed that the authorities had not provided any reason for rejecting the request, adding that the Islamabad administration’s move will increase the threats to Khan’s life.

Roads Sealed

Authorities have sealed the Faizabad flyover that connects the twin cities from all the four sides. The move has created trouble for commuters due to traffic jams on

Rawalpindi’s Double Road, Rawalpindi-Murree Road, IJP road and other connecting routes.

Traffice police said that people, who wants to enter the capital city, can use old airport road and Stadium Road.

Furthermore, Express Chowk and Nadra Chowk has been closed for entering the Red zone as Margalla Road, Ayub Chow and Sarena Chowk have been prescribed as alternate routes.

‘I am coming out in this condition for you’: Imran Khan tells supporters

A day earlier, Imran Khan issued a video message, urging all party workers and supporters to participate in the November 26 rally.

“I am coming out in this condition for you, and all of you should reach Rawalpindi for me on November,” said Khan, who is recovering from bullets wounds he sustained after being shot in the leg during PTI long march near Wazirabad.

Saying justice ensures real freedom, he said that PTI will continue his struggle until Pakistan gets real freedom.