Institutions suggest PTI to change venue of sit-in

Institutions suggest PTI to change venue of sit-in


Institutions suggest PTI to change venue of sit-in.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - The district administration of Rawalpindi and law enforcing institutions have suggested to change the venue of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) sit-in.

As per sources, PTI wants to stage a sit-in near Faizabad, Rawalpindi administration and law enforcement agencies have proposed to bring the venue of PTI’s sit-in to Allama Iqbal Park. PTI Rawalpindi leaders sought more time to consult on the change of venue.

Meanwhile, security of sensitive buildings and Pakistan-England cricket series are likely to be affected due to PTI’s sit-in in Rawalpindi on November 26. Team England will reach Islamabad on November 26.

The sources also revealed that PTI Chairman Imran Khan will arrive in Rawalpindi by helicopter, security arrangements from helicopter to stage are also being reviewed. There are also very important installations near Faizabad in Rawalpindi, the Rawalpindi administration has informed the PTI leaders of all the concerns.

Later, PTI withdrew its plea seeking permission to hold rally near Faizabad Chowk.