Asad Umar says elections 'only way to save country from crises'

Asad Umar says elections 'only way to save country from crises'


Asad Umar says elections are the only way to save country from crises.

RAWALPINDI (Dunya News) - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) General Secretary Asad Umar has urged the rulers to give a date for the elections and said that elections are the only way to bring the country out of crises.

PTI Leader while addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi, said that the country has never gone through the situation it is going through today, but we will not take the initiative. This government has come from external interference, interference was acknowledged in the meeting of the National Security Committee.

He went on to say that the spirit of the people is telling that they are ready, Imran Khan has the ability to mobilize the people. He said that the masses have now risen after Imran Khan’s hard work. He challenged the government that it cannot change the thoughts of people by force. "I want to tell Nawaz Sharif that GT Road has changed, I want to tell Nawaz Sharif that this is not the GT Road that you left behind, no one can sit in London or America and make decisions of Pakistan," he said.

Asad said that the day Imran Khan will reach Islamabad, there will be a sea of people, the rulers should be ashamed, they take votes from the same people and call it jatha (group). "The one who became prime minister by mistake do not believe that he is on this post. The democratic system in our country is only on paper," he remarked.

He said that the sacrifices of Pakistan’s armed forces for the country are unforgettable. Country’s institutions are not strong with weapons, but with a strong nation.

He said that they cannot say at once what the plan is, the strategy will be decided by looking at the situation, on the one hand they are saying that 200 people are coming out, on the other hand they are approaching the court. He added that if 200 people were out on the roads, they would not have blocked Islamabad with containers.

He further said that the rulers can see that the people are not with them. There were two options to reach Islamabad by Friday or if it will take longer, we will do that.