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Sheikh Rashid says govt cannot stop people with containers

Sheikh Rashid says govt cannot stop people with containers


Sheikh Rashid says govt cannot stop people with containers.

RAWALPINDI (Dunya News) - Ahead of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) expected long march, Awami Muslim League Pakistan (AMLP) leader Sheikh Rashid on Thursday said that containers cannot stop them.

Taking to Twitter, the former Interior Minister Rashid said that if the government will try to contain the people of Islamabad, they will climb the mountains of Margalla Hills.

He said that people of Islamabad have started to stock ration in fear of being restricted to their homes. He said that the government must stop thinking about calling Army or imposing Article 245. He said that the Army will "never" fire bullets on innocent people. He said the Army will bring both parties on a table and will ask to hold transparent elections.

The former minister went on to say that after Army Chief’s statement, rumors must be stopped and elections must be held soon. He said that using bullets instead of the ballot will create a political unrest in the country. He added that the devastated economy will turn into dangerous crisis.

He also hit out at the 75 cabinet members of the Prime Minister.

Earlier on Wednesday, the ruling coalition and Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) decided to not allow PTI’s long march to enter Islamabad.

The meeting of PDM leaders and government allies was held at the Prime Minister’s House to discuss the country’s political situation and PTI’s expected long march. During the meeting, it was decided that the long march would not be allowed to enter Islamabad under any circumstances.