Flash floods, heavy rains claim 903 lives nationwide

Flash floods, heavy rains claim 903 lives nationwide


Flash floods, heavy rains claim 903 lives nationwide

LAHORE (Dunya News) - Torrential rains lashed several cities in the country, leaving at least 903 people dead and 1293 injured.

Taking to Twitter, Federal Minister for Climate Change shared statistics, according to which 326 who died were children. In AJK, 24 men and 13 women lost their lives due to torrential rains. While 110 males, 55 females and 65 children were among the dead in Balochistan.

Two men, four women and three children succumbed to rains in GB, while one man died in Islamabad. In KP, 50 men, 33 women and 86 children were killed due to rains and floods. In Punjab, 84 men, 41 women and 39 children died. 115 men, 45 women and 133 children lost their lives in Sindh.

Federal Minister Sherry Rehman said that the country is facing devastation on account of monsoon-induced flash floods. Flooding left thousands of people homeless, she added. Sherry further said that the record spell of rain led to the humanitarian crisis.

To address the humanitarian challenges, the government is utilizing all its resources to help the flood-affected people, Sherry said. But to cope with the humanitarian challenges, the local administration and provinces need more resources, she added.

Sherry said for having more resources, there is a dire need to get the attention of national and international stakeholders and donors over the issue. 1,000 of people have been marooned by floods, who are seeking help and relief, she added.

While urging this is not the time to divide, Sherry said that there is a need to unite for coping with the humanitarian challenges.