Turncoats will be disqualified for life: PM Imran

Turncoats will be disqualified for life: PM Imran


PM Imran Khan told everyone to prepare for the elections

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he has suffered for not giving tickets to ideological people of the party and the turncoats will be disqualified for life.

Addressing a ceremony at Governor House on Tuesday, he said that all of you have to prepare for the elections and the elections will be held in Pakistan in the next three months.

The prime minister said, “We have made mistakes in the past and we had to pay a heavy penalty for it but this time we will give tickets to ideological people.” He said that they will give tickets to those who stayed with the party during difficult times.

Imran Khan said that an external conspiracy was hatched in Pakistan and the traitors of the country joined them, adding that there was a conspiracy to overthrow the government from outside, most of the people who supported them did not know it was a conspiracy.

He added that his party will teach a lesson those who were part of an external conspiracy, adding that the people will hold protest daily against the external conspiracy. “All those who participated in the external conspiracy are traitors.”

The prime minister said the people had been elected on PTI seats or the reserved seats, and then sold out their conscience for the sake of few million rupees, adding that they would ensure a life time ban for such traitors.

He said these elements were traitors to the nation, to the country and to the coming generations, adding unless they were punished, they would continue bargaining over the democracy for petty monetary gains.

The prime minister said with such a trend, any foreign country could purchase the localities of the lawmakers and topple an elected government.

He resolved that they would fully confront them legally. The case was taken up by the Supreme Court.

“All those are traitors who have played a part in the foreign conspiracy,” he added.

The prime minister said the entire nation would resist such trends as it was a defining moment, and would not let the conspiracy succeed as it had periled country’s future and democracy.

The prime minister also called upon his party workers to stage daily but peaceful protests against these traitors and informed that tonight, he would be attending a protest gathering at F-9 park in Islamabad.