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TEPA survey highlights traffic situation on different Lahore roads

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According to a report, there are around 57,10,000 vehicles in the city.

LAHORE (Web Desk) - Traffic Engineering & Transport Planning Agency (TEPA) has completed it’s survey regarding traffic count and other issues faced by the commuters in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab.

According to a report obtained by Roznama Dunya, there are around 57,10,000 vehicles in the city, out of which the total number of motorcycles is 41,10,000, cars 12,00,000 while there are around 400,000 motorcycle rickshaws and 2-stroke rickshaws in the city.

The report said that around 6,93,000 vehicles enter and 5,53,000 vehicles exit from the city on daily basis. These numbers rise significantly on weekends.

Ravi Bridge, Thokar Niaz Baig and Gajju Matta have been declared the busiest entry and exit points, whereas, Ferozpur Road has been declared the busiest road in the city.

211,308 vehicles run on Ferozpur Road every day, 137,981 vehicles on Jail Road, 106,583 on Mall Road and 124,627 vehicles pass through Main Boulevard Gulberg every day, the report said.

Length of main and other link roads in the city has reached 14,069 kilometers, length of local roads is 12,391 and lengths of secondary and primary roads are 1,217 and 358 kilometers respectively.

Total 5% roads are four-lane, 17.5% three-lane, 17.5 two-lane and 60% roads are single lane.

According to survey, Multan Road and Ferozpur Road have been declared most difficult roads to travel on. It takes 37 to 42 minutes to reach from Qartaba Chowk Mozang to Gajju Matta and 35 to 40 minutes to travel from Chowburji to Thokar Niaz Baig.

The survey has blamed lack of public transport, illegal parking, encroachments and commercializing roads without traffic study for the increasing traffic woes in Lahore.