Premier stressed no society cannot make progress without rule of law.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said that he faced several setbacks during his 20 years political struggle and powerful people tried to do his character assassination.

In an interview with US based Islamic scholar, Imran Khan said that mafias rule politics of the country and due to such reasons people are afraid of joining politics.

Prime Minister said that during this struggle, fake news and rumors were promoted against him to insult him.

The premier said the fundamental principle of a civilized society is to bring the powerful under the law but, unfortunately jails are filled with the poor and not by the elite. He said that since the elite had captured the system, people did not have the opportunities and a level-playing field in their own country.

The Prime Minister said unfortunately a leadership came up through a political system which is divorced from faith and very few come into politics for humanity. He said in most of the developing world, politicians come to make money.

PM Khan said he felt for the society and came into politics with the faith to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state based on the State of Madina.

Responding to a question Prime Minister said he feels Pakistan is a country which has tremendous potential, diversified and talented ethnic groups, but due to lack of rule of law and injustice, we cannot achieve the potential of our society.