The smart lockdown in parts of Gujranwala will remain imposed till July 24.

GUJRANWALA (Dunya News) - Authorities have imposed a smart lockdown in five localities of Gujranwala on Friday due to the rising coronavirus cases in these areas, Dunya News reported.

A notification issued in this regard stated that multiple areas of Wapda Town, City Housing and Baghbanpura will be under lockdown. The smart lockdown will remain imposed till July 24.

People have been instructed to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary and a ban has been placed on public and religious gatherings as well as pillion riding on motorcycles.

All those entering and exiting the said areas will be required to wear face masks while the irrelevant people who have nothing to do in these areas will not be allowed to pass through these areas.

However, hospitals, grocery stores, medical stores and shops selling essential items will remain open during this period.