No corrupt element to escape from accountability: Shahbaz Gill

ISLAMABAD (APP):Special Assistant to the PM on Political Communication, Dr. Shahbaz Gill on Friday said that the Government under the vision of PM Imran Khan has firm belief in anti-corruption drive to recover the country’s looted wealth as nobody was above the law.

He criticized the PML-N and PPP leaders that both party leaders have looted the country one after the other, adding, his government would not offer any National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) to politicians like ex-president Asif Ali Zardari and premier Nawaz Sharif accused in corruption cases but if they returned the “looted money” under a plea bargain.

He said ”State of Medina is only based on two principles, first ‘the rule of law’ and secondly, the ‘welfare of deserving people.”

He stressed that only equal law system for all citizens and punishment and retribution system for corrupt could improve the current system.

Replying to a Query about shahbaz Shairf, he said Shahbaz only granted bail on technical grounds but there would be no deal with or relaxation (of rules) for Nawaz and Shahbaz family.

He reiterated that the courts were fully free and independent, adding,we all need to respect its decisions.

He said government would not allow anyone to challenge government writ and disrespect state institutions.

In another Query about Jahangir Tareen, he said” Prime Minister Imran Khan is a man of principles and he will never compromise on his firm beliefs of across the board accountability process whether there is his own party member or any opposition leader.”

“There will be no favoritism in this and Tareen will be prosecuted as per the law,” he added.