Broadsheet Commission exposes bureaucracy's lack of cooperation

Dunya News

The report revealed that Kaveh Moussavi is a convicted man

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Exposing the bureaucracy for its lack of cooperation, Broadsheet Inquiry Commission on Thursday said that the bureaucracy has made every possible attempt to conceal and displace record.

The Broadsheet Commission report stated that the Broadsheet s records were missing from nearly everywhere, including the Pakistan mission in London and Mohandas Gandhi must have felt proud of the non-cooperation of government agencies.

The report further revealed that Kaveh Moussavi is a convicted man, who had accused some personalities. The probe into Mousavi s allegations were not included in the commission s TORs.

The report also revealed that the asset recovery deal made with Broadsheet makes evident the government institutions  failure to comprehend international laws.

The commission s report advised the government to investigate Mousavi s allegations if it wants.

Justice (r) Azmat Saeed while writing the report stated in the note that he was not afraid of threats and threats cannot stop him from working.