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Verdict on three cases against Uzair Baloch reserved, likely to be announced on Feb 18

Dunya News

The cases are lodged against Uzair Baloch at Kalri Police Station.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – An anti-terrorism court in Karachi has Saturday reserved verdict on three cases against Lyari gang war leader Uzair Baloch and are likely to be announced on February 18.

The cases – including explosive attack on police during Lyari operation – are lodged against Uzair Baloch at Kalri Police Station. The suspect had earlier been released in more than five cases and over 52 cases are still filed against him.

Let it be known that the ATC had earlier heard the case of kidnapping of a businessman for ransom and murder, and the key witness identified Uzair Baloch. The witness told the court that Uzair Baloch had abducted Abdul Samad, the son of a soap trader.

The witness said Uzair Baloch had demanded a ransom of Rs 200,000 for the release of his son, later his son was killed for not paying the ransom. Uzair Baloch said in his statement that this is a false accusation denying kidnapping and ransom.