The PML-N vice president said that government’s days are numbered

BAHWALPUR (Dunya News) – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) vice president Maryam Nawaz on Sunday said that the game for the government would be over if the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) resigned from assemblies.

Addressing a rally in Bahawalpur on Sunday, she said that government’s days are numbered, adding that the masses were suffering due to inflation and it has become difficult of the people to make ends meet to feed their families, to pay their children s fees, to pay utilities or pay for the treatment of the elderly at home.

Launching a tirade against the prime minister, the PML-N vice president said that Imran Khan had said in his recent statement after two and a half years that after he does not know how to govern. “The prime minister said one should not come into government without preparation.”

“We are aware of the plight of the people,” she said and added we want to send the prime minister home as soon as possible.

Comparing the PML-N government with the incumbent government, Maryam Nawaz said that in our era, the price of flour was Rs 35 per kg but now it is being sold at a price of Rs90/kg, adding that the price of sugar has also gone up to Rs120 from Rs50, while the electricity and gas prices are being raised daily. “IMF has said electricity tariffs must be increased by 25%,” she added.

Maryam Nawaz said, "Punjab has risen and is ready to take back its rights, adding that and legs of establishment, selectors and selected shake when Punjab rises." "The selectors and the selected can see that the people of Punjab have now stood up."