PDM announces long march with resignations in hand

Dunya News

'PDM announces long march in late Jan or early February with resignations in hand'

LAHORE (Dunya News) - Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has announced a long march in late January or early February and said that opposition will take the resignations in hand during long march.

He said that this political struggle is for free democratic atmosphere in Pakistan. Power will be in the hands of people in the future, the system of rigging will not work.

Addressing a rally at Minar-e-Pakistan, he said the wounds are deepening. The element of anger and resentment is growing. We have to live as a nation. The people form parliament, judiciary and the army.

He said that if the institutions compete with each other then national unity can never be maintained. I see anarchy in Pakistan in the coming days. We must deal with the situation before anarchy.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman expressed concern that such a situation might arise where the people and the establishment would come face to face. I want to warn the establishment to move away from the people, let the people reach Islamabad. Pakistan is ruled by an illegitimate government. He accused the establishment of rigging for illegitimate government.

The PDM chief said that we could not liberate Kashmiris. The formula for dividing Kashmir into three parts was given by Modi before the elections. Imran Khan prayed for Modi s success in the elections. For 73 years, India did not dare to consume Kashmir. Today India has consumed Kashmir.