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Countless graduates are unemployed as govt doing nothing: CJP Gulzar

Dunya News

The SC conducted suo motu hearing on case pertaining to coronavirus.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed Thursday said the federal government is doing nothing except making statements as countless graduates are unemployed, Dunya News reported.

The Supreme Court conducted suo motu hearing on case pertaining to coronavirus and the CJP said in his remarks that people will not get food by the government’s statements.

The federation should bring forth any economic plan to provide jobs to the unemployed if it holds any, Justice Gulzar Ahmed said.

“Health and education sectors have downgraded and the country’s economy has fallen. People need food, health, education, employment and petrol.

“The country is facing crises of sugar, wheat and petrol but no one is looking into the matter.

“The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) facilitated only one private company whose owner became a billionaire in just two days amidst coronavirus.

“The PM said chief minister of a province is dictator. What does that mean? The prime minister and the federal government do not have any writ in that province.

“How can the Sindh government spend four billion rupees on luxury cars when it does not have fund to clean a nullah?”