The bureau's chairman addressed a ceremony organised in Islamabad.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman retired justice Javed Iqbal said on Monday that the accountability watchdog has tightened its noose around plunderers of national wealth or they have made their getaway.

The bureau’s chairman addressed a ceremony organised in Islamabad on the International Anti-Corruption Day, and asserted that the government has never interfered in the internal matters of the NAB.

“References of the BRT [Bus Rapid Transit] and Malam Jabba scandal are ready […] the direction of wind is about to shift […] keep an eye on next few weeks,” he said.

“Corruption is present in the society either in beautiful or ugly form […] we can’t claim of total eradication of the menace of corruption,” he said, while terming it “a war against defective system.”

“Every Pakistani has a responsibility of eliminating corruption [from the society] […] we are accountable to the Almighty for every word and deed.”

The NAB chairman stated that there was no concept of accountability in kingdoms or emperorships, and the country went through bizarre experiences because of “the lust for power.”

“Self-accountability will produce good results […] there’s also a section [of the society] that has many complaints with the NAB,” he said, adding that nobody carries pocket in his shroud.

Mr Javed Iqbal further outlined that it was the responsibility of the parliament to perform legislation while observing the public’s aspirations.

“The disease is 72 years old and the entire nation needs to get united for healing,” he stated, adding that the bureau had laid the first brick to eradicate corruption.

Mr Iqbal further mentioned that the governments change but Pakistan’s existence would last forever. “Corruption is a cancer and it needs surgery

“NAB is now concentrating on taking mega corruption cases to their logical conclusion,” he said.

By pursuing the policy of Accountability for All, the NAB has recovered Rs382 billion [in total], and after 2017, Rs153 billion have been recovered.

He said 1,261 corruption references involving Rs943 billion were currently being heard in different accountability courts of the country. “But, there are only 25 courts to hear 1,261 references […] the constitution states to conclude [cases] within 30 days.”

The chairman asserted that the corruption was the cause of prejudice and unemployment in the country. “The properties which even British couldn’t buy have been bought by Pakistanis.” “Any [form of] alliance is out of the question […] our only alliance is with Pakistan.”

“The credit of dreaming of [establishing the welfare state of] Madinah goes to the government […] for fulfillment of some dreams just hard work is required,” he observed, adding that the government has to become a role model for the establishment of the state of Madinah.

He added that nobody could be superior to the other in the state of Madinah. “Make a coordinated policy for the state of Madinah, people are longing for the Islamic system.”

“Children had died in the laps of their mothers due to unavailability of vaccination […] despite millions [of rupees] in funds, no vaccination is available for prevention of bites from [rabid] dogs,” he pointed out.

He said he himself had been a bureaucrat and knew problems. “Worship is granted the reward of heaven whereas serving the people leads to god.”

Earlier, Mr Iqbal directed all directors general to ensure completion of complaint verifications, inquiries and investigations within the prescribed timeframe.