The draft on conventional arms was adopted by a strong support of 168 votes to one against (India).

UNITED NATIONS (APP) – Three of Pakistan’s draft resolutions on disarmament-related matters were adopted with overwhelming support by the United Nations General Assembly’s main committee on Thursday.

The resolutions focused on regional disarmament, conventional arms control at regional and sub-regional levels as well as Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) in the regional and sub-regional context.

The draft on conventional arms, which underscores the significance of pursuing arms control in regional and sub-regional contexts, was adopted by a strong support of 168 votes to one against (India), with two abstentions.

The proposals on regional disarmament and confidence-building measures, which encourage efforts for easing regional tensions and to advance disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation measures at the regional and sub-regional levels, were adopted by the Committee by consensus.

Commenting on the outcome, Pakistani diplomats described the approval of the resolutions by the 193-member Assembly’s Disarmament Committee with big support of member States as an acknowledgement of Pakistan’s commitment to promote the objectives of regional and global disarmament as well as strengthening international peace and security.

At a time of growing mistrust and rising tensions in various regions of the world, especially in South Asia, they said regional approaches to disarmament to strengthen peace and security had assumed greater relevance and significance.

These diplomats emphasized that India’s actions in the wake of the Pulwama incident and its Aug. 5 revocation of the autonomous status of Jammu and Kashmir in violation of the relevant Security Council resolutions, its bilateral agreement with Pakistan, as well as New Delhi’s own commitments has induced immense volatility in South Asia that posed a grave risk to regional and global peace and stability.