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No surprise! Modi appears among 'top ten criminals' in google search

Dunya News

'Google' has always showed the criminal face of the current Indian premiere.

(Web Desk) - The notorious Modi who has certainly branded himself as a refurbished prodigy of Nazism and can safely be called the fascist Hitler of the South Asian region, might have fooled his own people but the search engine ‘google’ has always showed the criminal face of the current Indian premiere.

Back in 2015 Narendra Modi appeared among the ‘top ten criminal’ of the world for his infamous credentials, having been involved in the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat during his CM ship way back in 2002 for which he is known as ‘The Butcher of Gujarat.’

The right winger hardliner was also barred from entering the US for his criminal involvement in the riots where scores of Muslim women were raped, murdered and burnt alive. His murder spree and blood thirst never stopped and was again implicated in the Samjhota express carnage.

Having said that, this is perhaps not the only facet of his personality recognized by ‘google search,’ he has also appeared amongst ‘The most stupid Prime Minister’ in the world.


Stupid or not but the dark side of his identity has surely taken over. After the false flag Pulwama Attack in February, he has resorted to imprisoning and confining the majority Muslim populous of IOK who have been fighting a freedom struggle against the Hindu nationalists hiding behind the garb of ‘shining secular India.’

The plight of the Kashmiris is no less than what the Jews of Germany witnessed in the concentration camps, as they too are being subjugated and stripped-off their fundamental human rights by a majority Hindutva ideologues that have been voted in by the  biggest democracy  of the world.

So has Modi criminalized India or has India just removed the façade of Bollywood from its face. Whichever the case may be but India in its current form has no room for minorities and Kashmir is the living proof of the plight and suffering that humanity is going through at the hands of a dictatorial, fascist, Hindu supremisct regime.

By: Saadia Ali