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Meet Multani man who keeps pet lion in his bedroom

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Zulkaif keeps the lion unchained in his bungalow

(Web Desk) – People have different ideas for pets, some like dogs, some cats, some parrots and then there are those who keep a lion for a pet!

One such pet lover named Zulkaif Chaudhary, 33, who runs a restaurant in Multan, with a unique bent of mind has taken a liking for none other than the ‘Lion King.’

According to Daily Mail, Zulkaif bought the lion six months back when it was only a two month’s old little cub for £3200. Whether he has permission from the authorities or not is still subject to verification.

Babbar, the lion, weighs more than 168 lbs and eats about 17lb of raw meat every day.

Zulkaif keeps the lion unchained in his bungalow, where his pet ‘Babbar ‘ has his own air-conditioned room with a bed to sleep on.

‘I have made a separate area for him and he has his own bed to rest and an air conditioner to keep cool. 

He treats the lion like a pet dog.

Despite having a two year old son, Zulkaif isn’t worried about the wild nature of the lion and is pretty sure that he will not harm his son, who also plays with him from time to time.

‘He is like my child. He was two months old when I got him. He has been living with me for six months. I love lions a lot and I felt like taking care of one. I never discussed with my family and just got him and then told them.’

‘I m not worried that he will attack us. Even my son comes to play with it. I have never chained Babbar nor will I ever because I love him like my own child,’ he added.

Zulkaif takes him for a morning and evening walk and is training him like a pet dog.

‘He is very friendly and is fond of me. He plays with me and I take him on walk in the morning 5 to 6 am. I’m teaching him commands to sit, go and eat just like a pet dog.’

The lion has become a star attraction in the neighborhood and his friends and relatives often visit to take sefies with the pet lion.

‘People are very fond of him. Most of the people come here and take selfies with him and they also like to see him. My guests and relative also come here to mainly see him and take selfies with him. Babbar is very friendly with humans and they all enjoy playing with him,’ he added.

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