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MBS calling himself Pakistan's envoy is an honour: PM Khan

Dunya News

Imran Khan asked MBS to consider Pakistan as his second home.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday thanked the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman for ordering the release of Pakistanis imprisoned in Saudi jails.

Addressing a joint press conference along with Mohammad Bin Salman at the Nur Khan airbase on Monday, he said that Saudi Crown Prince has won the hearts of Pakistani people.

The prime minister said that it was an honor that the Crown Prince declared himself ambassador of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia.

Imran Khan asked MBS to consiuder Pakistan as his second home, adding that he would find it his second home whenever he would visit Pakistan.

He said: “Saudi Crown Prince’s visit is being hailed on social media, adding that if you [Mohammad bin Salman] contest for elections in Pakistan you would get more votes than me.”

Earlier, PM Imran Khan in his tweet said that Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has won the hearts of the people of Pakistan by calling himself as Pakistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

In a tweet, the premier said, “Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman won the hearts of the people of Pakistan when he said consider me Pakistan s ambassador to Saudi Arabia in response to my asking him to treat the 2.5 mn Pakistani s working in KSA as his own.”

Previously, the premier said that Pakistan is ready to play its role in mediating between Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iran. He emphasized that peace in Afghanistan will bring stability and prosperity in the region. He said Pakistan was known as a peaceful country before Afghan conflict.

Imran Khan said Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is a reformer and he is taking steps to turn his country into a modern and forward looking nation.

“The visit of the crown prince is a manifestation of the strength of this relationship. First, crown prince’s visit will strengthen the diplomatic support of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan and will reinforce our relations. Second, I am confident that the economic relations of the two countries will be further expanded by identifying new avenues of investment and as well as Joint Ventures between the two countries. Third, it would further our mutual trust and strong historical relations,” the PM said in an interview.

“Pakistan would like to develop an economic and cultural corridor with Saudi Arabia to further expand the bilateral relations. Our relations with Saudi Arabia are not based on the exigencies of time but are time-tested. We hope that Saudi Arabia would invest in other sectors as well to bring the economic and trade relations at par with our political relations.” he added.