The army will never commit any such act that will hinder Pakistan's development, asserts DG ISPR.

RAWALPINDI (Dunya News) - The director general of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major General Asif Ghafoor on Wednesday affirmed that change comes from electoral process however; the army has no role in it.

“The military wishes democratic stability in Pakistan as it will ensure country’s progress. The army will never commit any such act that will hinder Pakistan’s development,” DG ISPR stressed in an interview.

Many things will be rectified if other institutions of Pakistan adopt half of army’s accountability system, he argued.

DG ISPR maintained that Pakistan cannot be intimidated by threats. “Not even a drone from enemy’s side can enter the boundary of Pakistan,” he asserted.

“Pakistan has always talked of maintaining peace. Matters will never resolve through war threats however; India should make it clear that it will receive a befitting response if such a time arrives,” he declared.

“Elections are being held in India and are mostly contested over the slogan against Pakistan. We share a 70-year history with them. They have always refused to held dialogue and chose war,” he criticized.

Responding to Indian claims of surgical strikes, he categorically stated, “Such strikes are not only held by mere words. A lie has no legs. Their own people do not support the surgical strikes’ claims as PM Modi has still not provided any evidence to them.”

Asif Ghafoor told that war against terrorism was a difficult journey.

“Pakistan went through an intricate expedition in the last two decades. The army is restoring peace by giving sacrifices. Security forces made the war against terrorism successful,” he articulated.

DG ISPR told that more than 75000 Intelligence Based Operations (IBO) have been conducted in last two years while 35000 illegal weapons were recovered during Operation Raddul Fassad.

Talking over Afghanistan issue, Asif Ghafoor pronounced that the country is facing troubles in controlling economy.

“Pakistan is playing its role in Afghan reconciliation process. Peace in Afghanistan will ensure peace in Pakistan,” he emphasized.

“The people of FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were subjected to terrorism. I salute them. IDPs lived a miserable life and it’s time for their rehabilitation,” said Ghafoor.

“Pakistani nation and army have achieved those heights which others have not. This is the positive image of Pakistan. War against terrorism has been fought by state, army and nation.

Speaking over the significance of media, he said, “Media is the strongest pillar and has a positive role in today s era. It supported to a great extent in war against terrorism.”

Many accounts on social media are being operated from abroad therefore; the media should inform the public about it, he suggested.