ECP rules out any chance of extension in voting time

Dunya News

Till this time no party demanded extension in voting timing; thus, it will be ended on 5pm.

Islamabad (Dunya News) – ECP has clarified its position concerning the timing of polling process. The timing of voting will remain till 5:00pm.

Furthermore, no political party has asked for extension in the polling time. Within this time, the voters can cast their votes, and as the time ends, only voters within the premises of buildings will be able to cast their vote.

Interestingly, till this time, no political party has demanded for extension in the polling time as politicians used to in the past. Therefore, it is highly expected that the voting will end on the prescribed time.

ECP has also issued other rules which include the way that can make the result of any specific constituency null and void. This will happen if women turnout remains lower than 10 per cent. The result will be declared so under Election Commission Act Section 9.