Expired blood being sold on unregistered laboratories, where is Punjab Govt?

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Unregistered blood laboratories have caused spreading AIDS and other diseases and even death.

(Web Desk) – Blood is quite crucial for the survival of living beings. An average human has around 5 to 7 litres of blood in his body. It should keep on circulating as its halting can cause a lot of damage to the entire body, including heart attack. In case of its scarcity, the body needs fresh blood that is not germ-free.

Moreover, there are various types of rules and regulations that are universally accepted and necessary to be taken into consideration at a time of transmitting blood from one person to another. Report from Multan explores how unregistered blood banks are playing havoc with the lives of patients.

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In the new packing, expired blood is being sold. Diseases in consideration are spreading very fast. Photo: Screenshot

The district Multan in the Southern Punjab has become the hotbed of illegal private blood banks that, without following any procedure, are selling blood bags. According to report, there are only few of them which are registered while others are selling unsafe bags, which are quite expensive. The blood is available on the clinical laboratories situated at Nishtar Road and each bag cost around Rs2500 to 3500.

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The doctor said that Health Care Commission should form the standards and then implement them to the best extent possible. On the other side, one of the kins of a patient said we bought blood from these laboratories and as it was infused in patient, he died on spot. Another went on say blood is costly and not up to mark.

Contaminated blood already spread AIDS

Before this in Vehari, around 22 people have fallen victim to AIDS because of using expired and bad quality blood. Health care commission does not seem to be ready to take actions against the unregistered laboratories. Making matters worse, concerned authorities are not ready to give their views regarding this vital issue. Minister for Health Dr. Yasmin Rashid is required to take notice of the matter and registered only those who are selling well-persevered blood.

Edited and translated by Junaid Ali Malik