The tutee said he only got to know about the presence of Rs170m after FIA summoned him.

JHANG (Dunya News) – A student on Monday found out he had become an instant millionaire after authorities discovered Rs170 million stashed in a bank account under his name.

The tutee said he was completely unaware of the incident and only got to know about it after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) summoned him.

The joint investigation team said they had summoned the operator of the account bearing the student’s name.

On September 29, FIA informed a street side vendor identified as Abdul Qadir about presence of Rs2 billion cash in his account.

Qadir - who was left flabbergasted by FIA’s unforeseen disclosure - stated that he did not know how such a big amount was transferred in his account.

Talking to media, Qadir - who lives in a house comprising area of just 40 feet - stated he came to know about presence of Rs2 billion through a letter penned by FIA.

Qadir professed innocence. He said, “I was told that I had signed in English whereas I can barely sign a document in Urdu”.

FIA later traced the culprit - identified as Shabir Bobmat - a property dealer by occupation.