Imran Khan addressed national a day after General Election 2018.

(Dunya News) – Elated by victory in the much-awaited General Elections 2018, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Thursday stated that Almighty has granted him opportunity to implement his manifesto.

He was was delivering victory speech here in Bani Gala today after landslide victory in the polls.

Terming GE 2018 ‘historic elections’ and paying tribute to unrivalled sacrifices tendered by the courageous people of Balochistan, Khan paid tribute to all martyred political leaders including Haroon Balor and Akram Gandapur and security personnel on transparent elections while foreseeing extension of democratic process in the country.

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The cricketer-turned-politician said his inspiration is Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammd (S.A.W.W) whereas he vowed to work for the uplift of underprivileged segment of the society by crafting policies for them. “I will make Pakistan a welfare state like Madina”, added Khan.


Will strengthen accountability watchdogs

The 65-year-old politician called on Pakistanis to stay united. “This [PTI] would be first government which will avoid political victimization. We will strengthen state-institutions to the extent that they would even keep an eye on Imran Khan”, professed Khan while vowing to fix faults in the governance system.

Khan stated that accountability will begin from him and ministers and then trickle down.

He stated that his government would benefit from China’s experiences in addressing the menace of corruption. “The economy of Pakistan was hurt most by institution’s below-par performance. Unemployment is our biggest problem. I promise masses that I will protect the money of taxpayers”, articulated Khan.

On rigging allegations

Khan apprised political parties leveling rigging allegations that members of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) were elected by two big political parties.

“We are ready to initiate probe into opposition’s rigging allegations”, stated Khan.

Economic reforms

On plummeting economic indicators, Khan cited concerns over depleting forex reserves and foreign investment and stated that mass-reforms will be introduced. “We will craft policies in collaboration with the business community”, added Khan.


While acknowledging sacrifices of Afghan people, Khan said that his government will try to restore peace in Afghanistan. Khan links peace in Pakistan with normalcy in Afghanistan. Khan stated that he envisioned open borders with Kabul reminiscent to those in Europe.

Foreign policy

Khan said that Pakistan want healthy relations with all neighbors on basis of equality.

He further added that he would pursue a ‘balance approach and mutually beneficial’ with the United States. Khan announced that Pakistan will act as mediator in the affairs of Middle East.

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On troubled relations with India, Khan deplored hate campaign of Indian media against him. “If we want to slash poverty in the region, then we [Pakistan and India] must practice healthy trade ties”, stated Khan.

"This blame game that whatever goes wrong in Pakistan is because of India and vice versa brings us back to square one", he said.

"If India comes and takes one step towards us, we will take two steps toward them. Right now, it is one sided where India is constantly just blaming us", stated Khan.

However, Khan expressed concerns on grave human rights violations in Indian-held Kashmir.