The announcements came during a press conference here in Lahore.

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s (PMLN) six lawmakers of National Assembly, one lawmaker of Punjab Assembly and one independent MPA on Monday tendered resignations and announced to establish ‘Southern Punjab Province Front’ (SPPF) aimed at making southern area of Punjab a separate province.

The announcements came during a press conference here in Lahore.

The disgruntled members announced that former interim prime minister Balakh Sher Mazari would lead the SPFF movement.

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The disgruntled members include Khusro Bakhtiar, Balakh Sher Mazari, Rana Qasim Noon, Tahir Iqbal, Tahir Bashir, Basit Bukhari, Saleemullah and Sardar Nasrullah Khan Dreshak.

Speaking on the occasion, Bakhtiar stated that it was necessary to create new provinces for strengthening the federation. “We should start thinking about the future as southern Punjab tops poverty chart with 51pc rate”.

“The recently concluded population census makes it overtly clear that southern Punjab makes 50pc of Punjab’s population. Several key politicians are on our back”, stated Bakhtiar.

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Bakhtiar also took a jibe at wrong priorities of Punjab government while lamenting that people did not have access to clean water, electricity while rulers were making Orange Line Metro Bus projects.

Sharing his views, Sardar Nasrullah Khan Dreshak said that feeling of deprivation (of masses) could only be ended by creating separate province. “Today, we are initiating (movement) for stability of Pakistan. Creation of new units will curb hatred”. Dreshak asserted while adding at the same time, “Will not sit idle till creation of new province and will knock door of every politician for aforementioned cause”.

Speaking on the occasion, Rana Qasim asserted that federation weakens when deprivation exceeds while Tahir Iqbar asserted that both masses and politicians of southern Punjab wanted new province.

“The backwardness of southern Punjab isn’t hidden from anyone. It is time that we get our rights and a new province”, said Basit Bukhari while adding that he was tendering resignation from NA.