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World Water Day: Water shortage in Quetta poses serious challenges for the people

Dunya News

Quetta is facing water shortages leaving residents helpless. Photo: Dunya News

(Dunya News) – Quetta, a city which has seen a drastic drop in water reserves over the past few years, has left locals in a fix over the ongoing crisis.

With the shortage worsening, residents are worried over the ignorance of water management in the city.

One of the most populated cities of Balochistan, Quetta is facing water shortages leaving residents suffering and helpless, that too without any intervention or initiative taken by the government.

Speaking to Dunya News, residents of Quetta complained that water shortages were frequent and severe in the city. “We have no water in taps, and we have to call in private water tankers.”

Balochistan was once famous for its seasonal fruits and crops but due to one of the longest droughts the province faced, the production of crops that was the livelihood of hundreds of people has been adversely affected.

Illegal water tube wells has affected the level of underground water. Photo: Screengrab

In addition, Balochistan’s shortage of water is also due to illegal water tube wells, which have adversely affected the depth of underground water. Once, this water was available at 90 metres. Now the water level has dropped as low as 570 metres.

According to experts, Balochistan has suffered a very long drought. Water reserves completely depend on the yearly rain and snow fall, and with its absence water levels have drastically reduced. The province has thirteen rivers, which depend on the yearly rainfall.

Experts believe unless measures including conservation of rainwater and construction of new dams are taken, the problems faced by the province will only worsen. Negligence could lead to a lifelong drought, affecting everyone in the region.

For more on this, watch a report by Dunya News below.