Ayesha Gulalai formally launches Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Gulalai

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Gulalai said expiry date of all three major political parties has ended

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Ayesha Gulalai formally launched her political party named Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-Gulalai (PTI-G), after being alienated by PTI in the light of her allegations of harassment against chairman Imran Khan.

“The expiry date of leaders of three largest political parties has ended. These political parties have adopted the shape of corruption, nepotism and business,” she said while talking to media at the Islamabad press club.

The estranged PTI leader claimed that ex-PM Nawaz Sharif is pushing the country in civil war. Talking about her vision, she said her party will struggle to install presidential system in the state.

The party believes that judo karate training should be given to women.

She said that all the legal and necessary requirements regarding her new party have been completed. However, the registration in Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will be carried out after the announcement.

The party has also started its membership drive.

Photo: Membership form of PTI-G

In an interview a few days ago, she had congratulated Imran Khan on his third marriage.

Earlier, Ayesha Gulalai had accused the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) of bribing her with candidacy of Senate on the condition of maligning the army.

The estranged PTI lawmaker said that she rejected the offer of contesting the upcoming Senate elections from PML-N straight away. “PML-N provoked me to speak against the army. I rejected the offer to accept Senate ticket,” she said while talking to media outside the parliament.

Gulalai had took credit of PML-N’s victory in Lodhran by-election and said that she had in fact motivated the people to vote for the ruling party.

Last year in August, the lawmaker from Waziristan had accused Imran Khan of sexual harassment, alleging that the honour of PTI female members were not safe from PTI chief and his gang. It had followed some media reports suggesting that she will join PML-N.

ECP had rejected the reference submitted by PTI to dismiss Ayesha Gulalai from the party with majority votes of three over two.