Intense celebratory gunfire put a question mark on the writ of law

PESHAWAR (Dunya News) – PTI’s Arbab Amir won the by-election for NA-4 with a clear margin setting the stage for PTI’S victory in its homeground.

Arbab Amir seemed to be in a pleasant mood after victory. Speaking to the media, he said that PTI’s momentum has gotten even stronger now.

In celebration of victory, some party workers took to fireworks and traditional dance while others went way out of control and took the celebration to dangerous levels with intense air firing, putting a question mark on the writ of the law upheld by the ‘Ideal Police’ of KPK.

The celebratory gunfire tarnished the image of reformed KPK police which was nowhere to be found when the laws were being violated by those who were celebrating.

The polling had begun at 8:00 AM in the morning and continued till 5:00 PM. Electronic voting machines were also tested in 35 polling stations amid the by-election. Army Jawans were also posted on the polling stations.