Nawaz's 'GT Road rally' witnesses Kashmir-less Pak banners

Dunya News

The former foreign minister raised the matter in a social media post

(Web Desk) – Sherry Rehman has taken note of the flexes erected in ‘Grand Trunk (GT) Road homecoming’ that do not display Occupied Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan.

The former envoy to the United States (US) raised the matter in a social media post.

Rehman demanded an explanation off the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

Nawaz Sharif is leading a cavalcade from Islamabad to Lahore after he was disqualified by the election commission on JUly 28 following order of the top court in Panama Leaks case under Article 62 and Article 63 of the constitution.

The rally is expected to enter Lahore within two days after which the ousted premier will head to his residence in Raiwind.

In another tweet Rehman apparently questioned the motive behind PML-N s power show today. She asked: "Ruling party creating chaos in the capital, distress for citizens in bizarre rally by a government in office. Power play against whom?"

She claimed that the federally ruling party is of the opinion that their leadership is above and beyond justice and the judiciary.